3 People Die After Eating Ice Cream from Uncleaned Machine

Listeria outbreak linked to contaminated milkshakes claims 3 lives in Washington. Frugals takes action, warns of delayed symptoms.
  • The milkshakes from Frugals were related to the deaths of three people who contracted Listeria.
  • According to a statement from Frugals, the eatery is sanitizing all of its equipment.
  • About 260 people a year contract Listeria and die.

Three individuals have died and three more have been hospitalized after drinking milkshakes from a Tacoma, Washington burger joint contaminated with Listeria bacterium.

The Washington State Department of Health said on Friday that the bacteria was identified in ice cream machines at a Frugals restaurant used to prepare the milkshakes due to improper cleaning. There were no additional affected areas.

The government reported that between February 27 and July 22, a total of ten cases occurred among patients with compromised immune systems.

Although the restaurant has ceased using the machines, the government warns that symptoms of Listeria infection may not appear for up to 70 days after exposure.

Frugals, in a Facebook post, declared it will stop selling milkshakes at its Tacoma location and any other stores that have milkshake machines. The company has promised to test equipment at other locations for Listeria and to clean and retest any that test positive.

We are devastated and apologize for whatever pain our words or deeds may have caused.

Insider’s request for comment from Frugals went unanswered for some time.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, listeriosis (also known as Listeria infection) is an infection caused by the bacterium Listeria. Most healthy people don’t need to worry about this virus, but the elderly, women who are pregnant, and their unborn children are at risk. Each year, the disease claims the lives of about 260 people. There have been a total of 58,717 outbreaks of listeria illness, with approximately 2,000 of those occurring between 1998 and 2021.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that the most common symptoms include a high temperature, flu-like symptoms, seizures, headaches, muscle weariness, dizziness, a stiff neck, and confusion. Pregnant women often experience exhaustion, muscle aches, and fever.

Over 400 food items were recalled in February after they were found to be tainted with listeria by Fresh Ideation Food Group LLC of Baltimore. Two people fell victim to the listeria that was discovered in Dole salads that year (2022).

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