Aldi Announces 2023 Fan Favorites Survey Winners

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Aldi's 2023 Fan Favorites Survey: See the top picks chosen by 70,000 loyal customers! Discover the best products and trending supermarket items.

More than 70,000 loyal customers of Aldi have spoken, and they’ve picked these items as their favorites for 2023.

Every year, Aldi conducts the much-anticipated Fan Favorites survey, in which customers have the chance to weigh in on the products that have captured the public’s imagination and become perennial best-sellers at Aldi stores. On July 25th, Aldi announced the results of this year’s survey, naming 13 items as 2023 Aldi Fan Favorites.

For the sixth year in a row, Aldi has polled its loyal customer base to find out which products are the most popular. More than a dozen of our favorite items from Aldi were highlighted this year, and the findings also provided some insight into the growing supermarket trends that are changing the way we stock our pantries.
In a news statement, Aldi’s vice president of national buying, Scott Patton, said, “Our loyal shoppers are always vocal about their love for Aldi products, and over 70,000 of them sang praises in this year’s Fan Favorites survey.” Because “their input is priceless,” the company was “thrilled to introduce new survey categories inspired by our fans’ interests,” one of which was dubbed “TikTok Made Me Buy It.”

The Best Products at Aldi in 2023

The top products at Aldi in 2023, as chosen by customers, are:

Five out of this year’s 13 Fan Favorites categories were won by dairy products, making them the unsung heroes of the poll. In addition, numerous popular picks were promoted via social media. The survey by Aldi demonstrated the influence of TikTok on consumer spending: Consumers have been actively searching out items from Aldi’s For You Pages, such as Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese and Friendly Farms Low Sugar Greek Yogurt. (For example, Aldi has witnessed a stunning 14% boost in its cottage cheese sales because of TikTok’s infatuation with cottage cheese.)

Our love for tasty, simple, and fast cuisine like Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Deli Pizza was also validated by the results of the study. However, this is not a recent phenomenon; in fact, this pizza has been a survey favorite every year since its introduction in 2019. You may call it a resounding success.

In honor of the Best Sellers of 2023, Aldi is teaming up with DoorDash to provide its customers a special discount. Customers can start saving $10 on their order total (before taxes and fees) today and every day afterwards if they add three or more of the 2023 Fan Favorite items to their DoorDash cart. By highlighting the goods that have won the hearts of shoppers across the country, this limited-time promotion hopes to further engage and reward loyal Aldi fans.

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