Another Fan-Favorite Is Back on the Menu at Taco Bell

Taco Bell's Crispy Chicken Taco: A McDonald's Snack Wrap Rival. Fans raving over its return & calling it the best yet. 🐔🌮 #FastFoodWars

Taco Bell’s Crispy Chicken Taco: A McDonald’s Snack Wrap Rival. Fans raving over its return & calling it the best yet. 🐔🌮 #FastFoodWars

Fans say that it’s even better than the same thing at McDonald’s.

Fans of the fourth meal, cheer! Fans of Taco Bell have had a great summer because the chain brought back not one, not two, but three old favorites. First, the 1990s Volcano fare was brought back to spice things up. Then, the chain said that for a short time this summer, it would bring back the Enchirito, which has become a fan favorite. The Beefy Crunch Burrito will be back on plates later this summer because fans voted for it. Well, now one of Taco Bell’s most popular items is back on the menu, and customers couldn’t be happier.

Taco Bell has brought back the Crispy Chicken Taco.

With its new chicken sandwich, Taco Bell has fully joined the chicken sandwich wars. When it was first made in 2021, the Crispy Chicken Taco was called the “Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco.” The original soft flatbread has been replaced by a smaller traditional tortilla, but the crispy chicken strip is still the same.

You can drizzle this new and better Crispy Chicken Taco with either Creamy Chipotle or Avocado Ranch sauce. You can also make the taco “Supreme” style with sour cream and diced tomatoes for an extra 90 cents, or “Fresco” style with chopped tomatoes instead of either sauce for no extra charge. The tacos cost $2.50 each and are already being sold all over the country.

Fans couldn’t help but notice that the new Crispy Chicken Taco, which is served in a tortilla instead of the old flatbread, now looks a lot like the Chicken Snack Wrap from McDonald’s. This is not the first time that another fast food company has tried to copy one of McDonald’s most popular, on-and-off-menu items. But some customers say that the one at Taco Bell is the best one yet.

“Attention, people who like snack wraps!!! “The crispy chicken taco from Taco Bell tastes A LOT like a snack wrap from McDonald’s,” one fan wrote. It looks like we might not have to keep asking McDonald’s to bring back the Snack Wrap.

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