Atlanta Popeyes workers ‘violently’ attacked woman attempting to correct order: lawsuit

Popeyes workers sued for violent attack on customer correcting order in Atlanta. Seeking justice for the victim's injuries.

People are suing the restaurant’s owner and the people who are said to have attacked the woman.
In a new case, workers at a Popeyes restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, are accused of attacking a woman in the drive-thru when she tried to get her order fixed.

The claimed event took place at the Popeyes on Cleveland Avenue in southwest Atlanta in September 2022.

A lawsuit filed on Friday says that when Denetra Dawson tried to fix a wrong order, workers beat her up, pulled out a chunk of her hair, and left her with bruises. Dawson said in the claim that when she tried to get her order fixed, there were words between the workers before they attacked her.

Denetra Dawson told Fox 5 Atlanta, “I didn’t even think I’d get back to my kids.” “I just went to the store to buy food for my kids, and I still don’t know why me.”

Mawuli Davis, an attorney with the David Bozeman Law Firm who is working on the case, told the outlet that one of the employees physically opened Dawson’s passenger door, got into the car, and started attacking her.

Dawson said that three workers were involved in the attack and that she had to pull out a gun to stop them. After the event, she called the Atlanta Police.

A police report says that Tenice Taylor and a young person were both charged with abuse. A third person, Tenister Evans, was charged with making it hard for a cop to do their job.

Davis said, “They took the braid out of her hair all the way to the root.”

Dawson said that the attack left her with both physical and mental scars. She said, “They took away my identity. I’m proud of my hair, but I can’t get certain hairstyles.”

In connection with the attack on Dawson last year, both the people who are said to have done it and the company that owns this restaurant are being sued.

Davis says that the restaurant’s boss had a violent criminal past that was on record and that Popeyes was careless when they hired this person without doing proper background checks.

“This is a terrible example of how Popeyes doesn’t care about the safety and well-being of its customers,” Davis said in a statement. “By hiring a boss with a violent past, Popeyes showed they didn’t care about their customers’ safety. The boss and two workers left Popeyes and beat her up violently in her car. We are determined to hold the business responsible for what they did and get justice for our client.

Popeyes told Fox 5 Atlanta in a statement that it has “absolutely no tolerance for violence of any kind” in its stores.

“The restaurant’s franchisee confirmed that the incident happened in September 2022, and the employees who were involved were fired right away,” the statement said. “We can’t give you any more information because there is a lawsuit going on about this.”

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