Burger King Cashes In on McDonald’s Nostalgia

Burger King introduces BK Royal Crispy Wraps, a reminiscent delight, offering a tasty twist on McDonald's long-missed Snack Wrap.

McDonald’s popular Snack Wrap is not coming back, but Burger King has revealed its own version.

There are a few things that McDonald’s has taken off the menu that people miss the most. One of these is the fried apple pie, and the other is the Snack Wrap. You know, those flour tortillas with a strip of chicken, shredded cheese, greens, and your choice of sauce? Every year, a new story spreads that McDonald’s USA will bring back the Snack Wrap, but it never happens, no matter what TikTok says.

Other fast food chains, like Wendy’s and KFC, have tried to cash in on people’s longing for the Snack Wrap. And now, Burger King is adding BK Royal Crispy Wraps to the market in an attempt to bring back memories of McDonald’s through a fun new menu item.

Burger King’s new wraps, explained

On August 14, the new BK Royal Crispy Wraps will be available for a short time at some stores across the country. You can choose from Spicy, Honey Mustard, or Classic, which has Burger King’s Royal sauce.

Each wrap has a fried strip of chicken, lettuce, tomato, and one of the three sauces you can choose from. They’ll cost $2.99 each, which, when adjusted for inflation, is about the same price as a McDonald’s Snack Wrap in the early 2000s. A press statement says they’re meant to be a “perfectly sized and delicious snack or addition to any Burger King meal.”

BK Royal Crispy Wraps vs. McDonald’s Snack Wraps

The new Burger King wrap is not an exact copy of the Snack Wrap from McDonald’s. For one thing, McDonald’s version didn’t have tomato slices. It also had shredded cheese that hadn’t been melted, while Burger King’s future version doesn’t seem to have any cheese at all. The BK Royal Crispy Wrap, like the Snack Wrap before it, is a portable food meant to satisfy lighter needs at a lower price.

Unlike Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap, which is substantial enough to serve as an entrée, this one is more akin to McDonald’s Snack Wrap. Burger King’s Royal Crispy Wraps will have to temporarily cover the ever-widening gap left by McDonald’s Snack Wraps. If BK can pull it off, it could have a new permanent menu staple that could potentially replace the original.

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