Costco Labor Day Hours: Is Costco Open On Labor Day 2023?

Labor Day is a popular travel day because it gives many people a three-day break. Some Americans, on the other hand, just use it as an extra day to relax and run chores or have a barbecue in the backyard. If you’re staying home on Labor Day, you might go food shopping. You won’t be able to buy food and other things you need for your home at Costco.

Due to national holidays, Costco is closed seven days a year. Labor Day is one of those days, the company’s website revealed. Costco is closed on the holiday, which is September 4 this year. Many shops and restaurants are open for at least a few hours.

The good news is that Costco usually has a Labor Day sale every year that starts before the long weekend and lasts for a few days after Labor Day.

Will CostcoGrocery delivery orders be affected?

If you shop at Costco, you may already know that a Costco membership comes with a CostcoGrocery membership. With this home delivery service, Costco members can shop for all of Costco’s products online and have their food sent right to their door at a time that works for them.

CostcoGrocery is the only way to shop at Costco on Labor Day because it can be used at any time. Even though same-day delivery is usually a choice, it won’t be possible on the holiday because warehouses will be closed and CostcoGrocery is partly run by Instacart. So, you won’t be able to get food until the morning after Labor Day.

Even orders made ahead of time, i.e. not on the holiday, may be delayed because the store is closing. Instead of getting your food the next day or in two days, you’ll probably have to wait at least one more day. You’ll have to go to a different store if you need your groceries on or before Labor Day.

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