Costco now selling viral Blackstone Griddle, shoppers weigh in: ‘Not worth the hassle’

Costco's viral Blackstone Griddle sparks shopper controversy as Instagram and TikTok users debate its worth and compare prices with Walmart.

Costco’s viral Blackstone Griddle sparks shopper controversy as Instagram and TikTok users debate its worth and compare prices with Walmart.

As the membership warehouse is now selling a griddle that initially went viral on TikTok in 2021, Costco Wholesale appears to have stirred up controversy amongst buyers once again.

The Blackstone 36-inch Griddle with foldable shelves and magnetic tool hooks has caught the attention of Costco shoppers on social media, where some users have asked whether or not the grill is worth the asking price.

In a video that has since gone viral, popular TikTok and Instagram user @costcohotfinds praised the griddle, calling it “the nicest Blackstone I have ever seen” and praising its “amazing price.”

According to, the “Blackstone 36 in. Griddle with Hood & Front Shelf” retails for $399.99 in-store with a Costco membership card but climbs to $499.99 when purchased online.

In order to prevent non-members from enjoying the same perks as legitimate Costco members, the warehouse has recently been “cracking down” on shoppers by asking verification of membership cards at checkout.

Two days ago, @costcohotfinds uploaded a video featuring the Blackstone Griddle; as of this writing, it has received over 1.4 million views on TikTok and over 18,000 comments. The Instagram Reel has been seen by over 2.3 million people, with over 42,000 people liking it.

TikTok data search results show that the hashtag #blackstonegriddle has garnered 978.7 million views, with viewers providing their best advice for taking care of and making the most of a blackstone griddle.

Reviews of the Blackstone Griddle were mixed on the @costcohotfinds video, with most commenters emphasizing on its high price.

Someone on TikTok mentioned that they could find these for $130 less at other retailers the week before.

“I love to cook on mine but hate cleaning it,” said another user. It’s not worth the trouble.

Several reviewers noted that the griddle can be “a pain to clean,” and others were quick to contrast it with a $297 Blackstone version from Walmart.

There appears to be no difference in the number of burners between the Blackstone Griddle sold at Costco and the cheaper model sold at Walmart, but the two have very different-looking lids.

One Instagram user noted that “on every post about the Costco blackstones, there’s always the people saying ‘it’s cheaper at Walmart,'” meaning that people were continuously complaining about how much cheaper things were at Walmart. To paraphrase, “It’s a different model y’all I bought mine from Costco a couple weeks ago, and I love it!”

After selling my 6-burner, 6-month-old propane grill, I decided to upgrade to a 22-inch blackstone. I’ll never use a traditional propane barbecue again,” said another. You’ll have no problems and be a happy camper if you put in the effort to learn how to cook on it and maintain it properly. What a steal!!

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