Costco Is Offering A Refund On Kirkland Vodka After Numerous Customer Complaints

Costco responds to complaints by offering refunds for Kirkland Vodka. Quality concerns prompt return policy after reported taste issues.

Even while the Kirkland brand is well-liked because it provides surprisingly high quality for a warehouse club, one of its items is unexpectedly falling short of expectations. Usually, the warehouse club receives nothing but praise; heck, even renowned chefs like Julia Child have praised the quality of Costco’s hot dogs and olive oil. Recent consumer complaints are shocking in and of itself, but the fact that they center on Kirkland liquors—and particularly the vodka, which is one of the most popular brand items—is even more surprising. Fans rate it so highly that some wonder if it’s actually a premium brand like Grey Goose disguised as a generic. But recently, people on Reddit have noticed something strange and said the quality had dropped. Costco has started refunding customers who recently purchased their vodka, so it appears that their concerns have been heard.

The return policy for Kirkland Vodka at Costco has been confirmed by a screenshot shared by user mxnt in a thread on Reddit. This appears to be a more generous policy than what is generally offered by Costco, whose website indicates that the policy on returning alcoholic beverages varies by state and location. It’s “not a food safety issue,” the statement says, but the vodka “does not meet our quality expectations.” The vodka bottles were distributed between June 12 and August 10 of this year, the report said.

Costco’s notice does not specify what is wrong with the vodka, and the firm has not issued any more statements, although it received enough customer complaints to warrant investigation. Almost a month ago, people started voicing their concerns online. Some forum users discussing the problematic vodka have stated that it tastes like acetone, that they “couldn’t get past the first sip,” and that it had a chemical aftertaste. Many buyers claim they have been drinking the vodka for years, so they could see the change right away.

This isn’t the first time this year that buyers have experienced issues with a popular product. Another round of comments surfaced in the spring, voicing similar concerns about the chemical taste and other unpleasant flavors in Costco’s $4.99 rotisserie chicken. The company did not address these complaints in the same way they addressed the vodka, however it was reported that the presence of phosphates, a preservative, on the labels might be the problem for persons with sensitive palates. Whatever the case may be, it’s concerning to hear many complaints about the same Costco product in the span of a single year.

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