CVS Pharmacy Introduces New Universal Tools Collection

CVS launches Universal Tools collection for inclusive self-care on International Self-Care Day. Easy-to-use tools designed for all. Available now.

Today, on International Self-Care Day, CVS Pharmacy® is adding the new Universal Tools collection to its one+other line to continue meeting the unique and individual needs of its large and varied customer base.

In January 2023, CVS Pharmacy launched one+other (pronounced “one another”), a beauty and personal care brand with the goal of making self-care products more available so that people can take care of themselves in their own way at a price they can afford. Since the brand’s launch, the store has kept improving one+other to make sure that all of its customers feel like they are reflected in the products.

CVS Pharmacy made the Universal Tools collection because people with disabilities needed more options in the self-care area. The collection was made with inclusive design in mind. In fact, a recent study of 100 people with mobility or dexterity problems, done by Gauge on behalf of CVS Health®, found that 62% of them find it hard to use nail clippers and tweezers.

The Universal Tools set has six easy-to-use self-care tools that anyone can use. They were designed by people with disabilities and people who have used them.

  • Rounded Tip Scissors ($14.99)
  • Nail Nipper + Catcher ($16.99)
  • Slant Tweezer ($9.99)
  • Half Jaw Cuticle Nipper ($16.99)
  • Nail Clipper + Catcher ($9.99)
  • Pumice Stone ($6.49)

People with certain disabilities may find it easier to take care of themselves with these tools because they have wide, open handles and non-slip, easy-to-grip silicone designs that are different from other tools.

Andrea Harrison, Vice President of Merchandising for Beauty & Personal Care at CVS Health, said, “We know it’s not enough to just say we support diversity and inclusion; it has to show in the products and services we offer.” “The Universal Tools collection is part of our ongoing work to make our self-care products more useful for all of our customers,” the company said.

The Universal Tools collection is now available on and in stores across the country. It adds the brand’s collection of more than 200 self-care essentials, such as cotton balls, nail polish remover, tweezers, eyelash curlers, body wash, brushes, hair accessories, and more.

As part of its overall commitment to accessibility, the store has not only made the self-care line more welcoming, but it has also kept adding new products to other categories. This includes expanding its CVS Health by Michael Graves Design line of mobility, bath safety, and home health care items in April 2022 and launching its own audible prescription label, Spoken RxTM, in November 2021.

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