Domino's Pizza partners with Uber for global pizza delivery, allowing U.S. customers to order through Uber Eats and Postmates apps.

Domino’s Pizza partners with Uber for global pizza delivery, allowing U.S. customers to order through Uber Eats and Postmates apps.

With the help of the Uber Eats and Postmates applications, U.S. customers may now purchase products from Domino’s and have them delivered by qualified delivery professionals who work for Domino’s and its franchisees, a service on which they have come to rely for more than 60 years.

The agreement’s initial U.S. rollout will start this autumn in four trial markets, and ordering through the Postmates and Uber Eats apps is expected to be available nationwide by the end of 2023.

Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner asserted that the restaurant chain “has a history of successfully expanding into new markets.” “We are the market leader for pizza delivery and takeout in the United States.

Furthermore, Domino’s sells more food online than any other pizza company in the United States. Order aggregation is the following market that makes sense for us to enter now that aggregators are at scale.

Their research in the United States and the lessons They’ve learned from 13 of their international markets have convinced them, that accepting orders through the Uber Eats Marketplace gives Domino’s and its franchisees access to a new customer base and what they anticipate will be a sizable increase in delivery orders once it’s widely available.

Deal Could Bring Uber Eats Orders to Two-Thirds of Domino’s Stores Around the World

The ability to combine Domino’s foreign markets under a single master agreement that takes use of the global reach of both brands will also be made possible by this ground-breaking arrangement.

There are presently 27 foreign markets shared by Domino’s and Uber Eats. According to this deal, Uber Eats might place additional orders at 70% of Domino’s locations worldwide, including those in the United States.

“It is not unexpected that Domino’s is a brand consumers have been asking for on Uber Eats’ worldwide platform,” Weiner said. “It is the No. 1 pizza company in the world.

Given that some customers would only use the Uber Eats app to order deliveries, this agreement may open up Domino’s to millions of new customers worldwide.

While Uber will give us enough data to understand delivery efficiency and incrementality, Domino’s will still be the name our consumers recognize at the door.

While this is going on, customers can still enjoy our best offers and the best loyalty program in the business on Domino’s own e-commerce platform.

Partnership Benefits:

Customers using the Uber Eats network in the US will be able to order delivery from the menu of their neighborhood Domino’s shop. Up until at least 2024, Domino’s will only use Uber Eats as a third-party platform in the United States.

Customers will be able to follow their orders using the Uber Eats app or Domino’s Tracker®.

Domino’s drivers in uniform will deliver orders submitted on the Uber Eats app.

Members of Uber One and Postmates Unlimited will not be charged for delivery of Domino’s orders placed through the platforms operated by Uber Eats and Postmates.

According to Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, both Domino’s and Uber have a history of innovation and technological leadership.

“They are thrilled to announce this special collaboration with Domino’s on a global scale—starting as their exclusive third-party marketplace partner in the U.S. and making their menu available to their consumer base around the world—and they look forward to bringing customers the convenience, technology, and experience that are the cornerstones of both our brands.”

The transition evaluation process for Domino’s worldwide markets that do not currently collaborate with Uber Eats will get under way this year. Before the end of 2023, Domino’s Master Franchisees who are now working with Uber outside of the new worldwide contract will be eligible to switch over.

Concerning Domino’s Pizza®

The largest pizza company in the world, Domino’s Pizza was founded in 1960 and does a sizable amount of carryout and delivery business.

With a global company of more than 20,000 shops in more than 90 regions, it is ranked as one of the top public restaurant brands in the world. In 2022, Domino’s generated retail sales of over $17.5 billion worldwide, including over $8.7 billion in the United States and about $8.8 billion abroad.

With over $2.0 billion in domestic sales and about $2.1 billion abroad, Domino’s recorded worldwide retail sales of over $4.1 billion in the first quarter of 2023. By the conclusion of the first quarter of 2023, independent franchise owners made up 99% of the Domino’s shops in its system.

By putting an emphasis on technological innovation, Domino’s was able to generate about two-thirds of all global retail sales through digital channels in 2022. With the development of multiple cutting-edge ordering platforms, including those for Apple CarPlay, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and more, Domino’s earned more than 80% of U.S. retail sales through digital channels in 2022.

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