When aiming for a wardrobe makeover, your quest remains incomplete without overhauling your shoe selection. Even if you swear by your sturdy pair of boots that have been with you for a decade, it might be high time to put them out to pasture.

But this brings about another challenge your way: What type of shoes should you actually wear from now on? With virtually countless options on the table, making this decision can get pretty stressful pretty fast.

To help you get through this fashion emergency, here’s how you can select shoes that suit your personal style.

Figure Out Your Personal Style

Similar to how your personality evolves over the years, your style and fashion also change over time. That is why, even when your clothes from college still fit you well, they might not suit how you want to show off your fashion philosophy.

Before you start looking for Zara hours and locations to buy brand-new shoes, you might want to take a moment to figure out your personal style and shop according to it.

Shortlist Shoes That Fit Your Revamped Style

From women’s flats to heels and everything in between, footwear gives you a plethora of choices to showcase your outfits in the best way possible.

This is where your personal style plays a crucial role in your shoe selection. For example, if you are all about punk rock, you may find your calling in platform boots.

But if your style is more feminine, something like Mary Jane’s might be a better choice for your wardrobe.

Don’t Overlook Heel Size

No matter if you like tailored blazers or leather jackets, choosing the size of your heels can feel like moving mountains. The reason is simple: high heels may add a few inches to your height, but wearing them every day can take a toll on your health.

Along the same lines, if the arch of your feet is not suitable for shorter heels, they may also end up causing you discomfort with prolonged wear. That is why you should try out different heel sizes to find suitable shoes.

Be Open-Minded About Different Types of Shoes

In case your personal style is too creative to put in a box, trying creative combinations like pairing sneakers with skirts can lead you to your perfect match in footwear.

This applies even if the shoes you choose are not usually worn with your choice of clothes. If budgeting is a problem, you can use a buy now, pay later app to make this shopping spree more affordable for yourself.

Express Your Style With Colors

If you’re open to the idea of trying different types of shoes, playing around with a variety of colors can also be an exciting option. To make every outfit a personal showstopper, you can play around with different shades of footwear.

For example, you can wear red heels with an otherwise white outfit or pair up a black ensemble with a multichromatic pair of boots. This is similar to choosing a bright eyeshadow palette for more subdued looks.

Choose Shoes According to Occasion

Even if you prefer wearing specific types of shoes over others, they might not always go in line with your outfit or the occasion you dress for.

Here’s an example: If you shop at the best Australian swimwear brands, pairing your beachwear with stilettos will be a no-go. That is why you should remember that sometimes your clothes and activities surpass your personal style to determine what kind of footwear you should put on.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Out Trends

If you’ve ever noticed how swimwear companies in Australia retire their best pieces to make room for new designs, you might do well to take a leaf out of their book. Even after you have put together a killer selection of shoes, trying out new trends like the current craze for patent leather can take your style to the next level. You can use a personal budgeting app to save for this seasonal splurge before it comes knocking.

These tips are fairly easy to follow and impressively effective in their results. By keeping them in mind, you can have your footwear speak for your style as much as the rest of your clothes do.