Kroger Store Converts To All-Self-Checkout Experience

Kroger store in Tennessee goes cashier-less with self-checkout only, no jobs lost as staff will be moved to other roles.

Why the store in Tennessee was perfect for getting rid of cashiers and baggers

WKRN, a local news station, says that one of Kroger’s shops in Franklin, Tennessee now only has self-checkout.

A Kroger employee told WKRN that the store got rid of its cashiers and baggers on July 21. The store was chosen for the change because so many customers were already using self-checkout.

“These allow our customers to scan and bag their own items,” said Lauren Bell, who is in charge of corporate affairs for Kroger’s Nashville branch. She also said that it speeds up the process.

In addition to the change, the store has added sider lanes to help customers with larger orders. People who don’t like self-checkout can still get help from the staff in the store.

“We still have staff at the front who are ready and willing to help customers who don’t want to or can’t scan their own items,” Bell said.

Kroger also said it wants to turn another store in Middle Tennessee into a self-checkout store, and it may add more locations later this year. The grocery store owner said that some job names were changed, but no jobs were lost because of the changes.

Customers at a Kroger store in Tennessee can now only check out on their own. Kroger says that the cashiers and baggers will be given other jobs in the store. Do you think the grocery store is telling the truth when it says that workers will be moved to other jobs?

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