Kroger Sweetens Fourth of July Celebrations with Dazzling Desserts

Get festive bakery goods, ice cream treats & grilling essentials at Kroger for a memorable Fourth of July celebration. Shop now

Get festive bakery goods, ice cream treats & grilling essentials at Kroger for a memorable Fourth of July celebration. Shop now

The adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 is celebrated every year on July 4th, a federal holiday. For Kroger’s Vice President and Head of Marketing Tom Duncan, the Fourth of July is “a time to gather with friends and family over backyard barbecues, roasting s’mores around a fire, and watching fireworks light up the night sky.” “Kroger is grateful to play a role in so many celebrations to help our customers observe the holiday in a meaningful way,”

Bakery items for all occasions: Pastries featuring stars and stripes designs, as well as customer favorites like cheesecake and cookies, are just some of the bakery goods available at Kroger for Fourth of July celebrations.

Products to try include

  • Bakery Fresh Goodness Cookies M&M Red, White, and Blue
  • Yummy Bakery Fresh Angel Food Cake
  • Patriotic Cupcakes in Various Flavors from Bakery Fresh Goodness
  • American pie, chosen voluntarily
  • a cheesecake of one’s choosing
  • Delicious Bakery Freshness Strawberry Crunch Cake

Ice Cream and novelties to help cool off: The best way to beat the heat while enjoying the sun or watching a fireworks display under the stars with family and friends is with cold popsicles and ice cream cones.

Products to try include

  • Ice cream from Kroger in the Red, White, and Blue Deluxe Limited Edition flavor.
  • Ice pops from Bomb Pop with the flavors of blue raspberry and cherry lime.
  • Kroger’s Arctic Blasters Strawberry Shortcake Bars
  • surpassed by strawberry fruit bars
  • Kroger cake cone cups with your chosen ice cream flavor on top

Keep things interesting with homemade desserts: Making sweets can be just as enjoyable as eating them. The company advises attempting these seasonal fruit-filled fresh no-bake desserts, which are sure to satisfy even the sweetest tooth, as a fun activity for the whole family.

What to make is

  • Make Old Glory with angel food cake, whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries.
  • Make your own apple, banana, and black seedless grape skewers with a side of fruit dip in the colors of the American flag.
  • A red, white, and blue ice cream trifle is made by layering vanilla ice cream, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and crumbled graham crackers. Add some hot fudge sauce and whipped cream to the top to complete.

Kroger is a one-stop-shop for all of their customers’ needs, carrying:

  • Private Selection Burgers, Ribs, Oscar Mayer Hotdogs, Beyond Burgers, shrimp, salmon, steaks, and more are some of the most popular items to grill.
  • Foods that are still in their natural state include salads, Kroger veggie trays, Kroger sweet corn on the cob (four pack), snacking tomatoes, red cherries, peaches, watermelons, kabobs, and hamburger toppings.
  • Blue Rhino Propane tanks, Kroger Instant Light Ridged Charcoal, camp chairs, coolers, and Kroger Broad Spectrum SPF sunscreen are some of the must-haves for a successful cookout.
  • Ready-to-eat St. Louis-style ribs, fried and baked chicken, and other Home Chef favorites.

Shoppers can stock up on candy, sunscreen, and other summer necessities by visiting a Kroger location, taking advantage of Kroger Pickup, or subscribing to Boost by Kroger Plus, a grocery delivery service that offers annual savings of up to $1,000. Boost is currently offering a free 30-day trial to qualified users, after which they may subscribe for as little as $7.99 per month.

About Kroger

In order to fulfill The Kroger Co.’s (KR) Purpose, “To Feed the Human SpiritTM,” we must all do our part. By 2025, our family of nearly half a million colleagues will use food inspiration and uplift through digital shopping experiences and retail food outlets under a variety of banner names to establish #ZeroHungerZeroWaste communities in America. For further details, please visit our newsroom and investor relations website.

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