Man arrested after setting fires at Walmart and The Home Depot in Metairie

"Man arrested for arson at Walmart and Home Depot in Metairie. No injuries reported. Suspect admits to starting four fires."

Kenner Police say that a man was arrested Wednesday morning for setting several fires.

Police say that Samir Hernandez, who is 23 years old, set fire to two trash cans in front of homes near where Filmore Street meets Reverend Richard Wilson Boulevard and where Roosevelt Boulevard meets Airline Highway.

After starting those fires, Hernandez went to the 8912 Veterans Boulevard Walmart in Metairie and set clothes on fire inside the store. The fire was put out quickly, but there was a lot of damage from the smoke.

Hernandez started another fire next to Walmart at the Home Depot. Also, that came out quickly.

After getting surveillance video, police caught the suspect in the 2700 block of Roosevelt. Kenner PD said that when they talked to the suspect, he admitted that he had started the four fires. We don’t know what the reason was yet.”

Two counts of aggravated arson, two counts of aggravated criminal damage, two counts of simple arson, and two counts of simple criminal damage were brought against Hernandez.

In a Facebook post, Walmart said, “The nearby store at 300 West Esplanade in Kenner is ready to help you with your buying needs. The pharmacy will also be shut down. For your RX needs, please go to a Walmart nearby. We’re sorry for any trouble this might have caused. The store’s staff is working hard to get things back to normal. Thank you so much for being so understanding!”

In none of the fires, anyone was hurt.

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