Ohio is getting a Buc-ee’s, and it’s a day trip away from Cleveland

Exciting news for Ohio! Buc-ee's, the famed mega gas station with unique products, opens near Cleveland in Huber Heights.

New location in Huber Heights

HUBERT HEIGHTS, Ohio — The first Buc-ee’s is opening in Ohio, and it’s only a few hours from Cleveland.

Huber Heights Mayor Jeff Gore said on social media that the mega gas station will open at the northeast corner of the crossing of 235 and 70.

Gore wrote, “You no longer have to drive to Kentucky to get beef jerky and brisket sandwiches.” “Welcome to Buc-ee’s in Huber Heights. “We’re glad you’re here!”

About 20 minutes north of Dayton and about three hours southwest of Cleveland is Huber Heights.

Gore didn’t say exactly when the location will open, but he did say that officials from Buc-ee’s will be at a planning commission meeting next week.

Buc-ee’s has won multiple world records, including the record for the world’s largest convenience store and the record for the world’s longest car wash. Cintas said that the bathrooms at the mega gas station company were also the cleanest in the United States.

Buc-ee’s has a lot of products that are hard to find at other convenience stores or gas stations. This has helped it get a good image. Some places have lines of people waiting to take a picture with their famous beaver mascot that go out the door. Most people know the shops for their newly cut brisket, beef jerky, and beaver nuggets, which taste like “sweet puffed corn.”

The first store opened in Texas in 1982. The company now has more than 50 sites in the United States.

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