Popeyes now has ‘girl dinner.’ Here’s what comes with it

Popeyes introduces 'girl dinner' menu with flavorful Cajun sides, inspired by TikTok trend. Unique options for fans, available on their website.

Popeyes is now selling its own version of the popular “girl dinner” with sides like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, Cajun fries, coleslaw, biscuits, and red beans with rice.

Unlike a typical combo deal, this offer is for side dishes that must be bought separately. Only Popeyes’ website has the special “girl dinner” tab, and the price depends on how many sides are bought.

In a statement, Popeyes said that its “girl dinnermenu was made to give its fans “options packed with robust Cajun flavors that are made with the same slow, time-honored, homemade traditions of Southern cooking that the brand started with in 1972.”

The #girldinner trend, which blew up on TikTok in the past week, started with a post by user Olivia Maher that showed fruit, cornichons, bread, and cheese on a table. The New York Times calls it a “aesthetically pleasing Lunchable,” which they define as “a pile of snacks that is artfully arranged and, when eaten in large enough quantities, makes a meal.”

Not just Popeyes is taking advantage of a TikTok fad. Last year, the Cheesecake Factory sold a version of its Caesar salad with fried chicken and sautéed onions instead of grilled chicken. This was the “Louisiana Chicken Caesar Salad” that became famous on TikTok, and it was on the menu for a few months.

Also in 2022, four “hacks” of McDonald’s menu items that were popular on TikTok were sold for a short time. One example is the “Land, Air, and Sea” sandwich, which had a Big Mac, chicken, and a Filet-o-Fish all on one bun.

In 2020, TikTok star Charli D’Amelio worked with Dunkin’ on a drink called “The Charli” that was made with iced coffee. That risk paid off. When the Charli promotion started, Dunkin’ set a record for the number of people who used their app every day.

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