We Got a Sneak Peek at July’s Aldi Finds—Here’s What We’re Excited To Buy

Discover the irresistible July Aldi Finds: indulgent desserts and global flavors await! From Sherbet Hummus to Empanadas, satisfy your cravings today.

Discover the irresistible July Aldi Finds: indulgent desserts and global flavors await! From Sherbet Hummus to Empanadas, satisfy your cravings today.

To celebrate the start of July, Aldi is offering a whopping 30% off all Fourth of July products. In addition, this month’s Aldi Finds lineup has a wide variety of tempting offerings from the supermarket brand. Aldi provides something for everyone, from delicious sweets to exciting new additions to their renowned international portfolio. Let’s take a look at the top ten Aldi finds for the month of July that will make your shopping trip a lot more enjoyable.

Park Street Deli Sherbet Hummus:

Aldi’s Mango Lime and Sweet Lemon Sherbet Hummus will take your taste buds on a fantastic journey. This sweet hummus is a nice change of pace for the summer; try dipping vanilla wafers in it. After July 5 you can pick up a container for only $1.99.

Ground Lamb:

Aldi’s Ground Lamb is a great option if you’re trying to expand your culinary horizons. At just $5.99, this inexpensive cut of meat gives you the freedom to try out new favorites like lamb burgers or Scottish shepherd’s pie. Ground lamb, with its robust flavor, is now available as of July 5.

Appetitos Franks in a Blanket with Everything Seasoning:

Franks in a Blanket with Everything Seasoning from Aldi are the perfect quick starter for a large group. These tasty frozen snacks are a twist on the traditional Pigs in a Blanket, but with the added flavor of everything bagel seasoning. These tasty snacks will be available for $4.49 beginning on July 12.

Journey To… Greece Spanakopita:

Visiting… Greece The Journey To… Greece Spanakopita from Aldi’s freezer area is the perfect solution to your pangs for authentic Greek cuisine. Pastries filled with spinach and feta cheese make for a lovely and genuine Greek snack without the hassle of from-scratch preparation. Starting on July 12th, you can get a taste of Greece for only $4.49.

Sundae Shoppe Stroopwafel Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches:

Sundae Shoppe Stroopwafel Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches are available at Aldi and include a delicious blend of stroopwafel wafer biscuits and smooth vanilla ice cream. These $4.95 frozen delights are sure to be a hit at any summer party because of their delicious dulce de leche filling. On July 19th, keep an eye out for them.

Casa Mamita Mini Empanadas:

Want empanadas but don’t have much time? Try a Casa Mamita Mini Empanada. The Casa Mamita Mini Empanadas are available at Aldi. These delectable chicken empanadas and roasted corn and black bean empanadas are available frozen. Starting on July 19, you can get a box (or both) of these tasty handheld delights for just $4.99.

Belmont Chocolate Covered Pie Bites:

Belmont Chocolate Covered Pie Bites are available at Aldi and provide the ideal dessert pleasure in a convenient bite size. Coconut Cream, Key Lime, and Banana Cream pies are just a few of the popular flavors available in these icy delicacies. You can purchase a box of these chocolate-covered pie bites beginning on July 26 for $4.99.

Breakfast Best Blueberry Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick:

Aldi’s Breakfast Best Blueberry Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick are two of their most popular grab-and-go breakfast options. This frozen delicacy is reminiscent of a corndog, but it blends a savory sausage link with blueberry pancake dough. This breakfast treat will help you breeze through the morning for only $6.09. You may start looking for them on July 26.

Benton’s Mini Waffle Cones:

Benton’s Mini Waffle Cones are a bag of mini ice cream cones filled with chocolate that can be purchased at Aldi. These miniature waffle cones stuffed with milk chocolate will have you reaching for more and more. Starting on July 26 you can get your hands on this tasty treat for only $3.99.

Bake Shop S’mores Mini Cupcakes:

Mini S’mores Bake Shop Cupcakes from Aldi are a delicious way to celebrate summer and the classic campfire treat. These small cupcakes capture the spirit of everyone’s favorite campfire food in a bite-sized delight, making them ideal for summer potlucks or sweet indulgences. Indulge in the perfect blend of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow by picking up a box for $4.49 beginning on July 26.

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