Starbucks Is Coming to a Target Drive Up Near You

Get Starbucks at Target Drive Up! Enjoy your favorites without leaving your car. Coffee, treats, and convenience rolled into one.

It’s one of the best things about going to Target, and it’s now even easier. Soon, people all over the country will be able to add a Starbucks drink or food to their Drive Up order and have it brought to their car. No need to take the kids out of the car, walk to the check-out, or wait in line.

You like flat whites? Perhaps a mocha? Or maybe you’d rather give the kids a breakfast sandwich, cookie, or cake pop. All of these are available through our Drive Up with Starbucks service, which will be available at more than 1,700 Target stores with Starbucks Cafés and Drive Up by October. That’s faster than you can say “Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, extra hot, no whip.” Target is the first store to do this on such a large scale.

Level up

It’s not easy to find times of happiness when you have a lot to do. But Target’s improved Drive Up service makes it possible to both treat yourself and take care of business.

This summer, we also made it possible to return products at Drive Up for free at any of our almost 2,000 sites. It has been a big hit with guests and has one of the highest Net Promoter Scores (a measure of how happy customers are) of any service that Target offers. You’re really in charge when you can pick up an order from Target, make a return, and refuel at Starbucks without leaving your car.

“Our customers have been telling us for a long time that Drive Up is a game-changer that makes their everyday lives easier, especially when they’re short on time,” said Mark Schindele, Target’s chief shops officer. “We’ve kept listening to our customers, who have told us again and again that Drive Up with Starbucks would make every Target trip even easier and more fun. This one-of-a-kind service, which is only offered at Target, is the latest example of how we come up with new ways to meet our customers’ needs every day.

But what really sets Tarzhay apart, and what makes a normal shopping trip into a trip to Tarzhay, are our store employees. They bring the goods wherever and however our guests want them, and they do it with the best customer service in the business. Every time we test a new service, like Drive Up with Starbucks or Returns with Drive Up, they put it through its paces, looking for ways to make it easier for our team members and more fun for our customers.

It’s clear that we’re on the right track. Here are some early compliments from customers who have used Drive Up with Starbucks:

“My Target Drive Up makes it easy to get delicious coffee delivered to me. This is great when you have small children or babies with you and don’t want to wake them up from their car seats.”

“As the mother of twins who are 1 years old, I love any store that brings coffee and diapers to my car.”

Drive Up with Starbucks is another way that we use our shops to improve the same-day shopping experience. And when guests stop by the Drive-Up to get their favorite Starbucks treat, it brings even more business to our stores, which continue to be the hub for our delivery services and the source of our long-term growth. We see this as a win-win situation.

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