‘Too much’: Burger King’s new offering in Thailand has no meat and 20 slices of cheese

Burger King's new 'real cheeseburger' in Thailand sparks frenzy as it swaps meat for a bun packed with 20 slices of American cheese.

Burger King’s new ‘real cheeseburger’ in Thailand sparks frenzy as it swaps meat for a bun packed with 20 slices of American cheese.

Burger King’s latest creation in Thailand is generating quite a fuss, as it consists entirely of cheese and no meat at all.

The Thai franchise last week debuted the “real cheeseburger,” a bun stuffed with as many as 20 slices of American cheese.

The dish debuted on Thai menus on Sunday, originally priced at 380 Thai baht ($10.9) but now available for only 109 baht ($3.1). TikTok footage of people eating the new sandwich immediately spread over Thailand’s social media platforms.

That’s not a joke. Burger King confirmed the news in a Sunday social media post, saying, “This is for real.”

On Tuesday, a shift manager at a Bangkok Burger King was overheard explaining that the restaurant had to cease accepting delivery orders in order to ensure there would be enough food for dine-in customers.

A CNN viewer who purchased the cheesy snack said she was inspired to try it after watching it on the network.

A 25-year-old IT engineer named Im Jeepetch claimed that, despite her fondness for cheese, “this was a bit too much.”

“I could only finish half of it,” she remarked, dabbing her mouth with a tissue. This burger has an absurd amount of cheese on it. When all the elements come together, delicious food results.

Even though the gooey food was delicious, Im said, “Other burgers are already good,” so she probably wouldn’t have it again. As usual, I’m going to eat some double cheese angus.

Another patron agreed, stating that the cheeseburger was “too intense.”

Possibly, I won’t do it again. Alisa Chuengviroj, a 26-year-old entrepreneur who sells beauty goods online, once commented, “I like a few slices of cheese in my burger but not this much.”

She, like Im, claimed to have checked out the burger joint after reading rave reviews online.

The new item is representative of the trend of fast food chains all over the world trying to attract new customers by introducing unusual or interesting menu items in the hopes that word of them would spread on social media.

With the help of a catchy ad jingle released late last year, the Whopper, Burger King‘s famous flame-grilled beef burger, has become a phenomenon in the United States.

There is a consistent effort by the restaurant industry to adapt its fare to regional preferences worldwide. Young Thais are particularly fond of cheese, and it is usual practice to sprinkle the dairy product over a wide variety of foods.

Burger King offers salmon katsu burgers in the country, seemingly catering to the need for a vegetarian option.

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