Trader Joe’s Fans Are Obsessing Over This New Cheese

Trader Joe's New Red Chili Pepper Fromage Pavé: Creamy, Spicy, and Irresistible! Cheese lovers are raving about this unique addition.

The perfect blend of spicy and creamy.

Have you ever stood still in front of the cheese section at Trader Joe’s because you couldn’t decide which cheese to buy? You want them all, but you can only choose one or two. With the addition of a new soft cheese that fans are crazy about, everyone’s favorite food store just made it harder for us cheese lovers.

There’s not much you can say about the fact that Trader Joe’s has some great cheeses. The Trader Joe’s Hall of Fame includes its Unexpected Cheddar Cheese. It won a Customer Choice Award for its Cheddar Cheese with Caramelized Onions. Even top cooks can’t get enough of TJ’s cheeses.

Fans of Trader Joe’s are interested in the new cheese, Red Chili Pepper Fromage Pavé, because it is a little different.

What does Pavé mean?

Pavé is a type of French cheese that is softer and creamier than Brie. Trader Joe’s has offered plain Fromage Pavé in the past, usually around the holidays. The ingredient list says that this new Red Chili Pepper Fromage Pavé is the same, but it has red bell pepper and jalapeo pepper added.

Shannon of @traderjoesbsessed on Instagram says, “It’s soft like brie and has so much flavor!” In answer to a comment on the Instagram post, she said that the peppers make it “a little spicy but not much more flavorful.”

What the fans have to say

When @traderjoesafficionado posted a picture of the cheese on Instagram, people said, “Yum! This would be great on a board or cooked. I really like TJ’s fromage cake. “Must do!”

Natasha Fischer of @traderjoslist showed her Instagram followers the new cheese. She also showed them the new gem lettuce from TJ’s and asked her followers which they were more excited about.

One reviewer said, “I LOVE the Fromage Pave, so I will definitely try the red chili pepper one!” “Spicy cheese hell to the yesss!” said someone else. Several people were also excited about gem lettuce, mostly because it would be great for lettuce wraps.

Fans of Trader Joe’s are crazy about a lot of their goods, like lemon torchiette, sweet corn and burrata ravioli, Snacky Clusters, mini cheeseburgers, and so many more. This new cheese will be added to that list.

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