Valley’s first Starbucks with double drive-thru coming to Avondale

Valley's first double drive-thru Starbucks in Avondale: More convenience, larger store, and a boost in sales due to creative adaptation.

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Western Retail Advisors said Friday that it had signed a deal for the first Starbucks double drive-thru in the Valley. It will be in Avondale.

That means that people in the West Valley who like coffee will be able to order from two different lines. It will be easier for them to get their coffee on the way to work in the morning.

Western Retail Advisors also said that a Starbucks shop that is too small will be moved to 10655 W. Indian School Road. The new spot will be about 3,070 square feet and have two lanes.

But there might be a hint of fried chicken in the air. There used to be a KFC restaurant there. With the new lease, the store, which has been empty for four years, will be fixed up.

The new Starbucks will be on Indian School Road, close to 107th Avenue and the Loop 101.

Why is Western Retail Advisors planning a Starbucks with two drive-thru lanes?

“This new location gave Starbucks the store size it needed, but its single drive-through lane could only fit three or four cars,” said Bryan Babits, Senior Vice President of Western Retail Advisors.

That was a long way short of what was needed.

“Creating a double drive-thru is a great example of how creative Starbucks is. It helped them solve a problem and has already led to a 26% increase in sales at this new location,” he said.

Bryan Ledbetter, who is also a senior vice president at Western Retail Advisors, said that this move is part of a larger trend.

“Phoenix’s retail demand is happening in both traditional stores and quick-service restaurants,” he said. “This makes us one of the best places in the country for new and growing concepts.”

Ledbetter said that these trends are clear at this Starbucks shop.

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