Walmart Offers Full Refunds to Customers Who Unintentionally Purchased a Walmart+ Membership

Walmart quickly removed the advertising message from all self-checkout terminals and is offering full refunds to anyone who didn't want a Walmart+ account.

Walmart recently held a Walmart Plus Week from July 10th to July 13th to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day deals. During this week, a Walmart+ membership for a year was only $49, which was half off. The promotion was also highly advertised in stores’ self-checkout lanes, which caused a few problems.

Customers were encouraged to add a Walmart+ membership to their order as they checked out. Even though there was a way to say “no,” the offer was only written in English, which led some shoppers to buy memberships by accident.

An unnamed employee told Insider that they saw an elderly woman who didn’t speak English buy a Walmart+ membership by accident. She was able to get a refund from the store because she caught the mistake on her ticket. She is not the only one who has added Walmart+ to their in-store purchases by mistake.

“It seemed to me that this was set up that way so that it would be very easy to add a subscription to your cart by accident or without meaning to,” the worker said. “Somewhere out there, there must be people who accidentally pay for this Walmart Plus subscription, go home, and don’t even realize that they’re $50 poorer and have a subscription.”

Walmart quickly removed the promotional prompt from all self-checkout machines and is giving full refunds to anyone who didn’t want to sign up for a Walmart+ account.

Insider said this is what Walmart said in response:

“We know that this process has confused some customers, so we are getting rid of the warning. Customers who took advantage of this deal by accident at a self-checkout but haven’t used it yet can get a full refund with proof of purchase.

So look at your bills. If you see a registration code but don’t want Walmart+, you don’t have to do anything. Instead, you can get a full refund by bringing your ticket to a Walmart store or going to the company’s website.

Before you decide to get a refund, you might want to check out Walmart+ to see what all a membership has to offer.

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