Walmart plans to open its own beef plant for case-ready meat for its stores

Walmart's $275M beef plant in Olathe, KS will streamline its supply chain, providing pre-packaged, fresh meat to its 4,700 U.S. stores.
Walmart's $275M beef plant in Olathe, KS will streamline its supply chain, providing pre-packaged, fresh meat to its 4,700 U.S. stores.

Walmart intends to produce “case-ready” meat once its new beef processing facility in Olathe, Kansas, which is costing a total of $275 million and is anticipated to open in the year 2025. This will allow Walmart to take a page from history.

Greeley Beef Plant in Greeley, Colorado, was the first large-scale producer of what it called “boxed beef,” containing particular slices of beet, for restaurant and grocery store customers in the Eastern United States almost fifty years ago.

Fresh meat that has been processed and packaged at a centralized facility and then delivered store-ready for the retail meat case is referred to as “case-ready meat,” “retail-ready meat,” or “pre-packaged meat” in the industry as of today. Other synonyms for this product include “pre-packaged meat.”

Even while Walmart can now place orders for case-ready cuts of beef with any one of a large number of manufacturers, the fact that its first wholly-owned plant is going with case-ready items is drawing a lot of attention to itself.

The plant that makes “boxed beef” will result in the creation of 600 new employment in the Olathe area. The Mayor of Olathe, John Bacon, referred to this as “fantastic news.” “We couldn’t be happier that Walmart decided to locate its cutting-edge facility in Olathe. This massive investment in fixed assets will result in the creation of additional jobs, which will be to the great advantage of the City of Olathe and our entire region.

Johnson County, Kansas’s administrative center and county seat is located in Olathe. With an anticipated population of 141,290 residents in the year 2020, it is projected to be the fourth most populated city in both the Kansas City metropolitan region and the state of Kansas.

Bentonville, Arkansas serves as the location of the headquarters for Walmart Inc., a retail giant that operates major discount, department, and grocery shops. It is already a significant purchaser of case-ready beef for its 4,700 locations in the United States, and among its promoted items is Angus beef that comes from animals raised using environmentally responsible methods.

Walmart’s capacity to maintain tight control over its supply chain will be bolstered by the opening of its new facility in Olathe. The Walmart food production facility that debuted in 2018 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, will be followed by this one. The Great Value brand milk products are distributed to around 500 Walmart shops by the milk production facility that supplies them. The milk originates from dairy farms located in the states of Indiana and Michigan.

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