Wendy’s Debuts New Frosty Cream Cold Brew in 3 Sweet Flavors

Wendy's debuts New Frosty Cream Cold Brew - a delightful blend of iced coffee and Frosty base in vanilla, chocolate, or caramel. Read Now!

Those who enjoy iced coffee will be quite pleased this summer. Wendy’s new Frosty Cream Cold Brew is available in chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. However, this is not your typical cold brew where you merely add milk or cream. The new Wendy’s drinks feature a creamy component made with the same Frosty base.

The drink begins with freshly brewed iced coffee, creamer created with Frosty’s classic vanilla flavor, and syrup in your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or caramel (the latter is a new addition to the menu). The ingredients are combined with a whisk over ice.

You may be familiar with the Frosty-ccino if you often purchase iced coffee from Wendy’s. The new and improved Frosty Cream Cold Brew has replaced that beverage on the menu. The difference, according to Wendy’s Global Vice President of Culinary Innovation John Li, who spoke with Food Republic, is that “instead of leading with ice,” the company prioritizes the proportion of tastes in their dishes. Wendy’s Frosty Cream, actual cold brew, and ice are added after the chosen syrup (vanilla, chocolate, or caramel) has been poured in. We’re thrilled for fans to try it because the flavors are more harmonious.

How to try Wendy’s new Frosty Cream Cold Brew

Fans of Wendy’s Frosty and people who like iced coffee will be happy to hear that the Frosty Cream Cold Brew is now a permanent item on the menu at all stores in the United States. There are also a couple of deals at the famous restaurant chain to get people to try this new drink.

From now until August 6, you can get the Frosty Cream Cold Brew for just $0.99 when you order through Wendy’s mobile app. This offer works even if you don’t buy anything else, and the app resets the perk every day, so you can try all the tastes more than once. If you prefer UberEats, you can get a free medium-sized Frosty Cream Cold Brew when you order delivery with a $15 minimum buy from July 27 to August 2.

If you want a sweet pick-me-up in the morning, in the afternoon, or late at night, you can now get a Frosty Cream Cold Brew from Wendy’s drive-through. This drink will be available all day.

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