Where is Whataburger opening in Las Vegas? Location revealed as burger joint opens in Sin City

"Whataburger makes its debut in Las Vegas with 24/7 deliciousness. Get ready for mouthwatering burgers and more!"

Burger fans, rejoice! The first Whataburger restaurant in Las Vegas is almost ready to open its doors.

The restaurant brand recently made the announcement that it will build a new location on the Las Vegas Strip this fall. The new restaurant will be located next to the Waldorf Astoria. The restaurant will have two floors and will be open all night and all day.

Since Las Vegas is known as the city that never sleeps, and Whataburger is a brand that is open around the clock, it was only natural to locate a Whataburger on the Strip. “Whataburger has your back with breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” said Whataburger President and CEO Ed Nelson in a news release. “Whether you’re craving a double-meat Whataburger with jalapenos or a savory Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Whataburger has your back with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” “We’re excited for both locals and visitors to sink their teeth into a fresh new option and find ways to customize their Whataburgers ‘just the way they like it,'” the company said in a statement.

Whataburger Coming To Las Vegas

According to a news release, Whataburger intends to hire 210 local staff in the near future.

This will be the first Whataburger store in Nevada. The chain now has 950 restaurants that are open around the clock, 364 days per year.

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